Return Policy

I-Specs Mobile Return Policy

Our goal is to serve our customers with the best quality products that are free of any defects.

Our goods are sourced from the best of the best manufacturers in the world.

In very rare cases, there may be genuine reasons to return an item duly purchased in one of the I-Specs Mobile stores nationwide.

We have a policies to take care of such situations.

In the rare event that you are not satisfied with the item or that the item falls short of the 100 per cent of expected performance, we accept returns on the below provisions.

Purchase Document

The receipt duly issued by our authorized staff is fully intact and not torn should be produced.

The original tags, labels, cartons, and all accessories must be intact as the time of returning the item.


The item must not have been used.

There must be an actual, not imagined, defect in craftsmanship, design, or functionality of the product.

The item must not have been damaged or altered during the process of coupling, assembling, or mounting it to supporting devices and accessories.

Return Process

The item must be taken to the store where it was purchased.

The return must have been made not later than 24 hours after its purchase.

The relief for an item purchased after 24 hours shall be sought first by exploiting the warranty provision for such products and manufacture’s return policy before any other option.

The item should not have been worked on by any technician, certified or not, before being returned.

The corporate headquarters’ approval must be sought before there can be exchange for a returned item.

The customer is expected to have returned the item within the stipulated period which it can be accepted back.


We normally do not make a refund.

Our standard practice is to replace or exchange the returned item for another.

The customer making the return should be willing to abide by a trade-off in case the replacement for the item returned is out of stock as at the moment of return.


The customer will be responsible for the shipping cost for items purchased on our web store if there is any reason to return it.

The shipped item should be intact and in the original position.

The customer should wait for the approval to send such an item before sending it. And the customer must follow up the sending with a phone call notifying the company of the shipping details.

You should wait for the confirmation of the receipt of the returned item.

And if you have changed the shipping address and the old address is on the purchase document, please include your new and old address.


The customer will wait for the stipulated number of days before the exchange can be made.

The number of days should be counted from the day you are notified of the receipt of the returned inward item.


It should be noted that we at I-Specs reserve the right to refuse the return of any product on certain conditions and at the prerogative of the management. And the management has the discretion with the exception of any of the provisions of this policy.


If you have any enquiry regarding our return policy, you may ask at the point of sales or ask through our customer care. Call us or send us an email regarding that.